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My voyage of discovery identifies itself in graphics especially, its symbols/hieroglyphics and how the present is affected by the past. The magic of graphics lies in its continuous transformation. Its development drives a strange impulse in me, creating architecture and outlines which lead to the finished product. A single line can appear in a project and suddenly unravel it's meaning completely, leading me towards a new objective. The goal is the methodical, never random, construction of a new sign or language, a universal process based on the development of the human mind.


I am driven to study the wonders of what can be seen by my desire to travel, and my path has followed all that nature has to share with us - in open spaces and in everyday objects. Through the lens I am invisible, yet a part of me remains in the images that I create. I want to show, through my reflections, things which are not obvious at first glance; to give rise to a principle of continuous review and rediscovery. I hope it's clear that this site is the fruit of a body of work affirming that Art already exists around us. We just need to look for it.


In playing my part, I have chronicled stories, documents, events, performances, theatre, biographies, and journeys in the expression of Art; and there are some notable accounts of special occasions. My future journey will take me to the shores of cinema, video art, and all manner of other possibilities. To me, video is a means to convey thoughts and senses with the strength of moving images.


I have taken part in few contests and, deservedly or by good fortune, won them. They serve as verification, comparison, and to get together with others on this journey. They are a means of discovery which welcome the serious and the motivated.


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